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Blow Mould Manufacturing

Welcome to Habitat Industries, Cape Town's premier manufacturer of PET and extrusion blow moulds. Renowned for our precision-engineered moulds, we lead the packaging industry with innovation, quality, and client satisfaction. As a global partner for plastic bottle and container production, our state-of-the-art facility and skilled team design and produce moulds that surpass industry standards, serving sectors like beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care with moulds that combine precision, efficiency, and aesthetics.

  • Excellence and Reliability
  • Innovative Precision Engineering
  • Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Facility

Why Choose Us

Excellence & Client Satisfaction.

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  • Reliability

    Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has built a trusted reputation.

  • Innovation

    With skilled professionals to design and manufacture precision PET and extrusion blow moulds.

  • Smart Technology

    Equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing technology to uphold high standards in mould production.

How We Work

Work Process

Habitat Industries employs a meticulous work process in mould manufacturing, integrating precision and efficiency at every stage.


Their designs emphasize durability, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring each mould is tailored to enhance product functionality and brand identity.


Their planning process emphasizes resource optimization and strict adherence to timelines, ensuring the delivery of high-quality moulds.


This focus on flexibility and continuous improvement in their planning stages ensures that every project is optimized for efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

Our strong point

Is mainly directed towards the Sidel and Blowmax moulds. Also the Nissei range of PF6-2B, PF4-1BH, ASB-MB range, SIPA, Urola, Aoki, Combi400, SMF and Autotech.