Habitat Industries Mould

Services Overview

Habitat Industries specializes in bespoke PET and extrusion blow mould manufacturing, blending advanced technology and precision engineering to meet diverse industry needs. Our team focuses on innovation and efficiency, offering high-quality, aesthetic packaging solutions. With a commitment to excellence, we provide advanced tooling for extrusion blow and PET stretch blow moulds, ensuring top-quality services that exceed industry standards.

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PET Blow

Our strong point on PET blow is mainly directed towards the Sidel and Blowmax moulds. Also the Nissei range of PF6-2B, PF4-1BH, ASB-MB range, SIPA, Urola, Aoki, Combi400, SMF and Autotech.

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Extrusion Blow

Various moulds for machines such as Bekum, Comec, Seecor, Uniloy, Sidel DSL are among some of the variety we have to offer.

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Laser Welding

Our Laser Welding service combines precision technology with skilled craftsmanship for impeccable finishes and repairs.

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Advanced CAD Design

Our in-house team excels in designing moulds for new machines or reverse engineering existing ones.

Maintenance Service

Habitat Mould Solutions delivers expert mould servicing and repair. At our HMS branch, we offer thorough general maintenance and swift repairs, guaranteeing quick and effective solutions for any damage.